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Mani Field trip starting in Oxkutzcab, March 2008

April 4, 2008

Mani Field trip starting in Oxkutzcab, March 2008


Field trip to Mani conducted by Lennie Martin of the IWC Maya Studies group and Estela Keim of the IWC Merida Hispanic Culture group.  Jane and John started the trip in Oxkutzcab, Yucatan and biked the following day to Mani to join the group.

For photos from Mani, click the link below and view as a slide show:

For the story, click the link below:

Recommended Reading:

Ambivalent Conquests by Inga Clendinnen

Incidents of Travel in Yucatan by John L. Stephens

The Caste War of Yucatan by Nelson Reed

Maya Missions by Richard and Rosalind Perry

Time Among the Maya by Ronald Wright

Genesis by Eduardo Galeano

Open Veins by Eduardo Galeano

Dreaming of the Maya Fifth Sun by Leonide Martin